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Good Golly

The neighbor just posted signs in her windows that face our house with messages written on them for us. One of them has a bible verse on it about treating others as you’d want to be treated. Did I mention how every time DH got the snowblower out this winter, he did the sidewalk in front of her house too? He’s been so nice despite how awful she’s been to us.

Another sign says, “Don’t poop in your own yard.” Whuck?! What does that even mean?

Y’all I feel so unsettled in my own home. DD refused to eat breakfast because she was sitting at the dining room table as the signs were going up, and any sort of conflict is scary to her. This is now impacting the kids.

DH and I are going to head down to the local police station today to see what we should do. I just don’t need this right now.

  1. amiracle4us said: That’s crazy!!!
  2. you-n-me-kid said: UGH! That’s just wrong of them! I’m sorry.
  3. aperfectlyordinarylife said: can you contact the landlord/owner of the property?
  4. sarahaera said: That’s totally awful. :( How unbelievably rude of your neighbor. I hope you can solve this, and that your little ones can cope without negative impact.
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